Nikon is one of the known camera brands in the modern cinematography market. As one of the best brands, many YouTubers recommend Nikon for film shooting. This company has a wide range of good-quality cameras, may it be a DSLR or a portable compact one.

For camera starters or hopeful vloggers, it is good to start with a portable compact camera. Among the many good cameras of Nikon, the Coolpix S6600BK is a suitable item for beginners. If you’re aiming to buy one, do try our Youtube income calculator to see how many views you need for this camera.

The Nikon Coolpix S6600BK has a sleek camera design and an on-point technology that is suitable even for beginners. These competitive basic camera qualities present that Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is a reasonable gadget fitting for light travelers and adventure vloggers. With a 200-dollar price mark, this camera can help start a YouTube career.

If you’re not a fan of Nikon, and read our reviews of the best cameras for YouTubers and check out some of the alternatives available online..

The Design

For a portable camera, the sleek design of this camera is marketable. Aside from black, it also comes in colors of red, purple, white, and pink. The compact camera is about an 80-percent camera screen and 20-percent buttons. Unfortunately, it is not that convenient to see that all the buttons seem to be jampacked on the lower right side of the device.

The shape of the gadget is not bulky; it has a smooth interface and a reasonable thickness. And since it is not that thick, Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is very portable. Weighing around 6 ounces, you can slide this device in your pocket just like a smartphone.

This digital camera has a vari-angle screen measuring less than 3-inches. This feature allows the cameraman himself to do self-recording – a good perk for YouTubers. The fully articulating screen also helps protect it when not in use. As a result, you don’t have to worry about screen scratches whenever this portable camera is inside your pocket.

Having the size of an iPhone 5S, traveling with it wouldn’t be much of a hassle. In fact, it is best fitting to record hiking moments, amusement park adventures, camping quests, etc.

The design of Nikon Coolpix S6600BK speaks for its conventional use. The light pocketable characteristic makes it one point better than DSLR in a beginner and light traveler’s point of view. Furthermore, the Nikon Coolpix S6600BK can give you quality videos and photos without the same amount of hassle with that of a DSLR.

The Features

A good-looking camera is not a good one, not until it proves itself to be useful in digitalizing memories. Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is packed with competitive features without having to deal with difficult camera technicalities. It may not be as great as DSLR technical specs, but this camera poses to prove that at a reasonable price, the consumer gets a quality product.

Camera Quality

The lens can produce a full 1080P video at 30 frames per second with audible sounds. Acquiring a quality video with this compact device is not a problem. The lens has two small dots on the sides, which function as microphones. Although there have been few reviews about the slight pitch change in recorded voices, the same reviewers asserted that this problem is close to neglectable.

The camera also has an image stabilization feature that allows it to record movements without the vigorous camera shake. From daylight adventures to nightlife events, Nikon Coolpix S6600BK can be reliable. On night landscape mode, this device adjusts to the options of being handheld or put on a tripod.

While this camera is an ideal match for travel documentaries, it is also a viable choice for indoors photography. The images produced with this camera are at 12.1 MP showing an admirable color reproduction quality. Portraits and self-recording also come off with decent skin tone images.

The camera system takes off the red-eye even when the flash is on, and this red-eye feature is applicable even to pets. It also has a high-performing imaging capability with its Backside Illumination CMOS image sensor. Professionally speaking, the image noise that Nikon Coolpix S6600BK produces is relatively low.

Hand-Gesture Feature

Another notable feature of Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is the hand-gesture feature where you can take a picture or record a video away from the camera. With an ample amount of light, it can recognize a palm, and the user can choose between 4 options, namely: video recording, picture taking, zooming in, and zooming out.

This feature allows the user to take a picture from a short distance without having to touch the camera itself. It automatically sets a 3-second timer, which is ample time for preparation. You can start recording a video with this gesture feature, but the downfall is the video can only be stopped with the shutter button.

Wi-Fi Ready

Nikon Coolpix SS6600BK has a built-in Wireless LAN capability. This feature allows the user to transfer photos from the camera to other smart devices that are also Wi-Fi efficient. With this, the user can also control the camera from the Wi-Fi-connected devices, like automatically transferring the pictures from the camera to the smart device.

Uploading pictures to social networking sites is easier with just one click. The user can also include location information in the pictures. However, this feature would not function without the necessary application from the Application Stores of the respective devices. Even so, such circumstance doesn’t neglect the fact that this feature saves the user from wire hassles.

The Nikon Coolpix S6600BK has amazing features, but it also has its own fall shorts. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that its qualities are more than enough for a basic camera considering its given price.


Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is non-discriminating in terms of age and photography literacy. The interface is smooth and neat, while the buttons are easy to understand. The texts in the camera are not microscopic in size, so the user wouldn’t have a hard time reading the interface.

Mainly, the hand-gesture feature of this device allows it to be more user-friendly since it makes group photos easier. With just a wave from a reasonable distance, the photographer would no longer have to scramble back to the group in a hurry just to take the picture.

The features of this camera are made for everyone who is not well-rounded with high-tech DSLR cameras. However, the quality of the pictures and videos is not compromised even with lesser complexities in camera operation.

How is it suitable for YouTubers?

Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is designed to fit into an individual’s lifestyle. Adventure vloggers can enjoy self-recording with the vari-angle screen. At some point, they can flip the screen at the back, securing the screen from any scratches once the user puts it in his pockets. It is easy to travel with given its size and the battery can stand long enough to complete a vlog.

Individuals who are planning to be beauty vloggers can also rely on this camera due to its flipping screen. As mentioned earlier, the skin tone reflection of Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is also reasonably decent. With its smart portrait system, it has a built-in softening effect that will boost the quality of the picture.

It also corrects dark undereye circles, whitens teeth, and smoothens complexions. This feature comes with options so the user can freely opt to put it in or not. Nikon refers to this as the retouch feature or digital makeup.

Since the camera also has reasonable color reproduction quality, it can also be a good starter companion for food vloggers. Mukbangs can be recorded at 1080p resolution even with a tiny camera. Considering its portable size, vloggers can directly record in a restaurant for their food channel.

Essentially, what makes Nikon Coolpix S6600BK a competitive compact camera is because of its portability and fully articulating camera. This camera is a great travel buddy considering those two. Although, in reality, it can’t beat DSLR quality, it is a reasonably good camera for $200USD.

When considering under the budget cameras that can competitively bring good qualities to the table, the Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is a must to consider. It is undeniable that this small camera has what it takes to be a YouTube camera.


Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is a user-friendly and cheap gadget. It is best fitting for those who are not techy enough to operate a DSLR on their own. Apart from being compatible with all ages, the portability of this camera makes it a good companion for travel vlogs.

And on top of all the basic quality specs, Nikon Coolpix S6600BK is at $200USD mark – cheap but handy, perfect for starting YouTube vloggers. Starting a YouTube channel with this gizmo is definitely not a mistake. It is easy to operate, it is very pocketable, and it has a reasonably lasting battery life.

This camera is not the best camera in the market; let’s face it. But for the amount of money you are paying for the gadget, it is already exceeding expectations. As some people may quote it, this camera is a good one, especially if you don’t know how a camera works.

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