YouTube Revenue Calculator (USD)

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Estimated Daily Earnings

$28.50 - $47.50

Estimated Monthly Earnings

$855 - $1,425

Projected Yearly Earnings

$10,403 - $17,338

Daily Video Views

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20,000 Views/Day
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What is YouTube Earning Calculator?

Are you making money on YouTube? Do you want to make money on YouTube? Do you want to know you much money you can earn through your YouTube videos? If the answer to all these questions is “Yes”, this is one of the most essential tools for you.

This New YouTube Earning Calculator gives you an estimate of how much money you could make with YouTube. It takes into account various factors like video view count and engagement to calculate the estimated earnings from a YouTube video or channel. In 2019, many YouTubers increase their income by taking sponsorships, setting up affiliate agreements, and selling merchandise. This revenue calculator only accounts for money made from advertising paid directly from YouTube.

How to Use the YouTube Earning Calculator?

  1. Move the YouTube View Count slider left or right depending on your daily video views.
  2. Set your Estimated Advertising CTR (Click-through rate) based on your channel's previous performance.
  3. View your estimated daily, weekly and yearly earnings probability.

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Important Notice: These are ESTIMATED YouTube monetization figures.

Please remember that the figures obtained from the YouTube Earning Calculator are estimated AdSense figures. There are several other factors that come into practice while figuring out the overall CPM (cost per thousand).

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Basic Overview: How Does YouTube Advertising Work?

Advertisers use the Google Ads platform to create advertising campaigns targeting a wide range of people on youtube. To control how much they pay for advertising, advertisers set their "bids" for individual ads or keywords, where a "bid" is the maximum CPC (cost per click) or maximum CPM (cost per thousand impressions) they would be willing to pay for a given person's view. When someone views a youtube video, Google runs an auction in real time where they compare bids to determine which advertisers get to show their ads. After showing an ad, YouTube/Google charges the price against the winning advertisers' account. Lastly, Google AdSense splits the price of advertising and ads a share to the youtuber's AdSense account. Youtubers are typically paid out "Net 30-60" meaning if you make $1 from advertising on January 1st, AdSense won't send that money until late February. To put it simply -- all money made in month 1 is paid around the 21st day of month 2.

Top celebrities and some top youtubers have direct advertising deals with YouTube. For example, big companies like General Motors buy direct advertising to show on channels like Jimmy Kimmel. These deals skip the automated adsense system altogether. Direct deals tend to pay the most because they're fully negotiated, as opposed to typical YouTube ads which use a "fixed" revenue share percentage for all ads shown on a YouTube channel.

What Affects YouTube Earnings?

The biggest factor that affects youtube earnings is number of views. If you increase your views by 10 times, then your advertising revenue will almost certainly increase by 10 times. Your niche is another big factor: videos about controversial topics tend to pay worse. YouTube Videos about toy openings or product reviews tend to pay better. "Brand friendliness" is another big factor for YouTube monetization. Staying "family friendly" or "brand friendly" can help improve your YouTube income.

YouTube Monetization Tiers

There are 3 "tiers" of content that advertisers can choose from when creating their ad campaigns. Youtubers that get the most "family friendly" tiers will get the more exclusive and higher paying advertisers. "Expanded inventory" is the worst tier, and includes pretty much every youtube channel. "Standard inventory" forbids strong profanity and other risqué topics. "Limited inventory" is even more exclusive than standard, excluding anything risqué or any violence. Read more about content exclusions on the official Google support site. Read through that article to learn all the things to avoid putting in your titles or video content in order to make money and stay in the best tier of advertising.