All we know that YouTube is the world biggest search engine after Google. It makes an approximate 92 billion page views every month that even offers massive traffic to different blogs and websites.

You will feel shocked to know that every minute 400 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube! YouTube even provides you ways to monetize your video contents. If your video contents get higher number of views then you can earn good amount from YouTube.

Do you think just uploading a video and monetizing it is sufficient? NO! It is not just sufficient; you have to use SEO techniques to optimize your YouTube video to get enough traffic.

In this article, I will talk about how you can get organic traffic to your YouTube videos and also how to work on SEO for better search results. These tips are implemented and tested by myself.

Here in this article, we are sharing some important YouTube SEO tips that will assist you to get more visits.

  • Video Title – Use Keywords
  • Video Description
  • Naming Your Video
  • Managing existing videos with search data
  • Use The Feature of (CC)
  • Keyword Research and Tagging YouTube Videos

1. Video Title– Use Keywords

The title of video is how one would identify what is the motive of your video. Attractive video title exactly matches with the content of your video will be very responsive to the viewer and even to the algorithm of YouTube for SEO.

Take benefit of auto-complete feature of Google and YouTube. It will offer you a complete overview of what other people are looking for on YouTube and Google and accordingly will assist you optimize your content.

2. Video Description

Write an interesting description for your YouTube video. Remember, first couples of lines play an important role in the ranking of your video in the search engine. Even, you can use the auto-complete keyword phrases of search engine as your description. In case the searched keyword completely matches with first two description lines, the video will get a good ranking.

3. Naming Your Video

When you video is ready to upload on YouTube, you should make sure to rename your video. It should be your_keyword.mp4.

Video file naming as your chosen keyword informs the search engine as to what is available in your video. It is obvious that search engines can’t look inside your video content.

4. Managing existing videos with search data

After performing all above mentioned things, now it is the most important nuggets of YouTube Video optimization.

  • You need to go
  • Find Analytics option and click – Top videos
  • Here you will find all your videos, now choose a video that you want to optimize. It will show analytics page for your chosen video.
  • Now you need to click on traffic source and then choose YouTube search option.
  • It will suggest the page which shows all the things that users are utilizing to find your video. Now, you have to optimize the title of your video, tags and description as per on these queries.

5. Use The Feature of CC (Closed Caption)

YouTube closed caption feature is very beneficial. It displays your text over the video that assists viewers know about your video narration in an excellent manner. It can even be translated into different languages so reaching out to more number of people. If you will upload the transcript then it even helps. Video Transcripts keep the text of what was believed in the video.

6. Keyword Research and Tagging YouTube Videos

Tags are one more crucial way to get a good ranking in YouTube. If you will add tags of your video in a perfect manner then there are high chances of your video to come first on search result. Remember, you should list exact tags first. Mention your main focused keyword first. If you will do this then it will put weight in YouTube SEO algorithms.

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