The Camera for youtuber is becoming very fashionable in recent times. To start a YouTube channel or a video blog (vlog) you need more than just the camera built into your laptop.

Any built-in or independent basic webcam will allow you to record, but if you want production quality that stands out, you will have to invest in an independent camera that allows you to keep up to date with the content of your YouTube channel.

Best Camera for youtuber: Canon Powershot G7x

If you are looking for the best youtubers camera that will help your Youtube channel or for a Video Blog for years to come, then Canon G7x is undoubtedly among the best cameras to record videos for youtube that you can get right now.

It is currently being used by frontline vloggers and Youtubers such as FunForLouis and Case Neistat.

P.S. If you do not have the budget to pay it right now, you can scroll down to see the vlogging camera that fits your budget.

Cameras for youtubers for less than $ 3000

1. Sony a7R II

This camera for youtubers can be expensive, but it’s amazing. The a7R II offers an amazing 42.4 megapixel camera sensor, which provides the cleanest and clearest images you’ve ever seen. The camera can also shoot at a bright 4K resolution.

Thanks to its incredible 42.4 megapixel camera, and unlike most other cameras for youtubers, 4K images can be recorded in a full 35mm format, which is a big problem if you want to write in a blog.

This is a fairly durable camera for youtubers. The shutter has been tested to last at least 500,000 cycles.

The technical characteristics of the camera are also impressive. The amazing ISO sensitivity extends to 102,000 for still photos and 25,600 for 4K video. An impressive hybrid AF with 399 detection points means an incredible approach no matter what.

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The battery of this camera lasts for hours, and has a flexible screen that offers a wide range of movement.

This camera is amazing and has a lot in its favor.

This is the camera Casey Neistat uses today and is used by FunForLouis and several Vloggers. However, its high price means that it is only for vloggers and serious professionals.

Check the price on Amazon or add directly to the cart at Amazon.

Cameras for youtubers for less than $ 1500

2. Sony a6500

The Alpha a6500 from Sony is one of the best cameras for youtubers on the market. With a powerful 24.2 megapixel camera, the camera takes pictures at a resolution equivalent to 6K. It is also capable of recording video in 4K and can record video for almost half an hour.
Sony a6500 Mirrorless camera

The a6500 camera has a really good image stabilization. The viewer can track objects at a speed of up to 8 fps, which makes it easy to take elusive pictures or take fantastic pictures.

The touch screen makes autofocus functions much easier to use than before. Whether you’re taking a photo or recording a video for youtube, this is a feature that really is useful.

Speaking of autofocus, the a6500 can focus on its target in just 0.05 seconds. No camera can do it faster. 415 focal plane phase detection points cover 84% of the total area of the image, which improves focus, helping to keep everything in sight clearer and sharper than ever. This is better than any other camera we tested.

There is much to love about this camera for youtuber. It is behind the best cameras to record videos for YouTube and is a great option for bloggers, since it is very powerful, while still being moderately attainable.

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